The car loan is the # 1 loan: Car buying particularly popular

This is the result of the “Auto & Kredit Navigator” study, which was carried out by the market research institute GfK on behalf of the Best Bank. The proportion of men who take out a car loan predominates. Loans are used to buy a car. This means that buying a car is and remains the […]

How does home equity loan work?

The loan with property guarantee, also known as property refinancing, is a practice that is gaining more and more strength in Brazil and very common abroad through the mortgage. Currently, more Brazilians are starting to consider this credit line when obtaining a loan from their financial institution. And the good news is that this alternative […]

Your professional credit for the construction industry

Whether it is to create (or take over) a construction company or whether it is to finance a development need or cash, it is important to seek the right financial organization for your professional loan. Professional credit and construction company It is not always easy to develop the activity of a company working in the […]